Acupuncture in times of Covid

It’s been a long while since I wrote here and my clinic has been pretty much like the rest of the country – open, closed, open, closed then open again. What a year it has been!

Now we are mid April 2021 and I am back working, seeing clients and at last getting around to writing here again.

This post is a practical one – just to explain what’s happening right now in the practice and to offer reassurance about the steps I have taken to keep you safe when you visit.

  1. For the moment I am still wearing a mask throughout your treatment session. You do not need to wear one but this is your choice.
  2. When you arrive I will ask you to remove your shoes inside the hall and as there is no carpet perhaps bring along some socks if your feet get cold.
  3. You can wash your hands in the bathroom both before and after the session – with soap and water.
  4. I wear a fresh apron for each client and also wash my hands regularly.
  5. The room is cleaned between sessions and the sheet, blanket and pillowcase changed.
  6. All my needles are single use and disposable. This has nothing to do with Covid but is normal practice – just seemed good to add it to this list.
  7. All appointments are well spaced out so that people don’t bump into each other in that old friendly way that used to happen. You probably won’t see anyone apart from me when you are here.

In the last lockdown – the winter one – I decided to repaint the hall floor and this is how the entrance looks now!

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